What makes life what it really is ...

Sometimes there is goodtimes, other times there is bad times... And sometimes you have both at the same time. Sometimes you dont know what to do, sometimes you dont know what you want to do. Sometimes life is just not that easy., You have to work for what you want, and deserve everything you get. If you dont work hard enough you simply dont get what you want. But if you work to hard, there is no chance on earth that you are going to get anything. Focusing on one thing at the time is a bad idea, what about all those other things you need to get done? This doesnt happend for no reason, there is a reason for everything, everything has a reason.. sometimes a good one, other times, a pretty bad one. No one said that life was easy, but living life at a differtent place than were you belong? Did anyone ever say anything about that? Are we made for living where we belong, or living where we want to live?

Life is a hard thing! No one have survived it yet. Quatation from my mom...

Sometimes people expect more of you than you can do. This is the thing that makes life the hardest, trying to do thing everyone else expects you to do. What about the things you expect of your self? Shouldent they come first? Everyone expects something of you, and something from you. Everyone is a lot of people, which is a lot to handle at one time!

I am even having a hard time reading the heading online of the VG newspaper in Norway. And the next moment im having the hardest time answering questions in english class, where people that are one or two years younger than me, can do it in 5 minutes. Things are not as easy at is looks, its a lot of work, I just hope it all will be worth it in the end.

10 whole months, thats a long time in a foreign town. Almost 6 months past, which leaves it to 4 months left, (correct me if my math is failing here too). There is one good thing, when the person you care about the most, says: Be stroing. You can do this. I believe in you!
Maybe their is time to get all the faith in your self back. It takes a lot of people to tare a person a part, but it might only take one person to get the same person back again to what it used to be.

Thank you...

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25.01.2011 kl.08:25

Dypt innlegg, du har ikke blogga p lenge =( men lykke til de resterende mnd, gleder meg til du kommer hjem igjen ;)

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